Where is 3rd party attestation for PIA's privacy service (third party audits)?

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Where is PIA's "third party attestation" documentation-certification  (3rd party attestation)?
PIA is a MITM man-in-the-middle. Who/how is independently verifying this?

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    This service is not being used for privacy-only, it's being marketed and used for security, e.g. using a VPN service when on public WiFi hotspots. Third-Party Attestations, Certifications, Programs and Reports by a Trusted Third Party would seem to be a requirement to trust such a service.

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  • It's been about 10 days since I posted this question. I'm going to send a PIA support request to see how they respond.
  • Since I've just purchased the 1 year plan, I would not be happy if they didn't respond.

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    Hi @p192168001001

    When you ask for "Where is PIA's "third party attestation" documentation-certification" what do you mean exactly?

    If you're asking for 3rd party verification of our no logging policy, I would refer you to United States of America vs Preston Alexander McWaters in which it documented that PIA were unable to provide any logs regarding the subpoena. You can find the court documents here (specifically mentions Pages 11-12).

    If you require any other 3rd party attestation, please let me know and I will seek out the relevant information for you.


    Jayson Q.
    Head of Customer Support
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