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I've been a user of PIA for some time now but recently I had a scare with my email address and I'm trying to figure out what happened.  I got an alert from my phone that someone from an unknown area in the Netherlands was trying to access my account and it was blocked.  Now I've gotten this before several times but this was different because it wasn't me (that I know of).  This IP address that the attempt came from was in the 219.92.xxx.xxx IP space in the Netherlands.  At the time this happened I had left my desktop PC at home on and logged into the email account in question but the computer was locked.  I also had left my PIA VPN connection on in the Netherlands -- but by the time I got around to checking it at home which was an hour later I checked my public IP and it was different like in the 45.xxx.xxx.xxx range.   So my question is the following:

A)   Is it possible that my IP changed from something to 219.92.xxx.xxx and then changed again and my web mail account tried to re-authenticate or saw the public IP change and thought it was malicious?

B) Is it a coincidence that I was logged into the Netherlands VPN domain and also was getting a login attempt from someone also using PIA?  What is more unbelievable is it seems the login attempt was successful but since it was tagged as malicious by the web mail provider they made that login attempt try using a second set of authentication.  I use very strong passwords and different passwords for all of my accounts so it seems unlikely someone obtained or cracked this password.

Any input is greatly appreciated as this has been quite the scare for me.


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    I can't answer your question specifically, but generally, yes. I too have had PIA Manager running (before switching to OpenVPN) and have noticed that my public IP address changed on a weird reset/refresh. Not sure what caused it, but it happened from time to time. This, and having sites blocked, encouraged me to move from the PIA manager to OpenVPN where I can enter a static IP address so if something like this happens again, I will acquire the same public IP address after reset/refresh.

    However, I was experimenting with different geolocation servers once and I forgot my mail was open.Gmail detected login from multiple locations. LOL I too got locked out of my mail and I ended up fighting GMail to get them to unlock the accounts. So be careful.
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