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Android 7.1.1 and the latest 8.0 developer preview no longer permit disabling native captive portal detection. This causes a problem because it doesn't allow any traffic while a VPN is active to permit other apps to sign in to captive portals. I've confirmed that the option to allow LAN traffic is enabled and has no effect on this.

For instance, there is an app called "Hello Guest WiFi" on the app store, which is about the only actively developed auto-login app that still works. However, since the latest patches to android N (and now O) it cannot login to captive portals while the VPN is active (which it used to do successfully). I've contacted the developer and he has confirmed that it cannot be circumvented on his end.

I would suggest adding an option to PIA that would introduce a timed pause of the VPN while connecting to wifi (specific SSIDs would be better, but I'm trying not to be picky). That way, after connecting to a captive portal, the VPN would temporarily pause, allowing the login app to work. I know this would work, because if the VPN is manually paused, the app does work as before.

There doesn't seem to be much hope getting Google to allow disabling native captive portal detection (used to be possible using an ADB command: "adb shell settings put global captive_portal_detection_enabled 0" but that no longer works) so I figured asking for the feature here would be reasonable.

Thanks! :/


  • Silly me. Determined that if you add Hello Guest WiFi and Captive Portal Login to the exclusion list in PIA, it will permit them to run normally regardless if the VPN is active. Hopefully this will help anybody who runs into it in the future.
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