1 Internet connection, 1VPN network, 1 standard


New on here, but after some advise on setting up a new network setup. I've got a fixed ISP provided router that I currently have connected to an Apple AirPort Extreme creating the wireless network. I also have a LinkSys WRT router that I've flashed to DD-WRT.

On the existing network I have numerous range extenders (airport express), 3 Apple TV's, a couple of smart TV's, Amazon echo etc plus the normal numerous wifi devices.

I currently use a Mac Mini connected to the AirPort Extreme through which the Apple TV's run.

What I want to do is use the DD-WRT router to create a separate VPN network. I want the Mac mini connected to this network but still enable people on the standard network to be able to airplay to the TV's. Also want to be able to switch between the networks on the various devices depending on what I'm doing.

The current plan is to connect both the AirPort Extreme and DD-WRT routers into the ISP LAN ports, but I don't think that will enable cross network airplay ability. Is this correct?

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