Customer Support: Moving Forward

As part of our changes within the Customer Support department, we will be rolling out some changes moving forward. In the interest of transparency and communication, I will endeavour to update our customers before we make major changes to Customer Support.

The first of which is the Answerbot.

We receive a large number of tickets each and everyday, often following trends and patterns. Some tickets are simple questions (sometimes even questions that referred to in helpdesk articles) and as such we've opted to roll out an automated system that will effortlessly answer these simple questions in a straight forward and direct manner.

By making these changes, it allows our dedicated support agents to answer complex issues with a higher accuracy rate with a lower response time. These changes won't be immediate, limited initially and closely monitored to prevent any issues.

This does not mean we are removing Customer Support or willing to compromise quality. We're continuing to hire and grow our Customer Support. These measures are to improve the customer experience, lower response times whilst giving fast and accurate responses to simple questions.

In these times of unprecedented backlog, it is aimed that these changes will positively affect your support experience.
As always, should you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to let me know.


Jayson Q.
Head of Customer Support
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