Qbittorrent and NL SOCK5 proxy not connecting to all trackers and yellow icon

Ok I decided I really dont need the VPN for torrenting, I mainly just want to mask IP from torrent swarms.

Now I succesfully setup the SOCKS5 proxy in NL. Thing is the icon in middle below is yellow (whether proxy is on or not) and around 40% of trackers dont connect or say mismatched connection ID.

I tried a few suggestions here at this forum and at qbittorent forum. Messing around with settings makes speeds unbearble at less then 5kb/s, now Im having around 300 kb/s ( this is a 50 meg line) on some torrents even yellow icon I get full speed, other I dont. Im going to guess it has to do with the yellow I icon.

These are my current qtorrent settings

SOCKS5 connected to IP directly not host address
use proxy for peer connections checked
Use proxy only for torrents checked
DHT on
PeX on
REquire encryption ON

Router I tinkered around with, and no im not a n00b, UpnP is on in router as well. I tried forwarding defaul qbitorrent port 8999 TCP protocl and nada.

Any ideas guys? I repeat VPN is not being used, just the socks5 proxy

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