OpenVPN Errors Help


I am running DD-WRT running on a Netgear R7800 router with Open VPN.

I have followed the guide on the PIA website with success & the VPN is working but I am getting errors in the log.

I am also finding the after a period of time the the VPN stops working and shuts down leaving me with no protection,

I have taken screenshots of the log & my settings inside the DD-WRT web interface which I have included link of below.

Can you please suggest what I should do to correct these errors.

Thanks Adam


  • I know this is an old thread and that I am not providing any solutions either but can you tell me what sort of speeds you are getting through this router?
    I am on a 300mbps service and I can't seem to get more than around 50mbps when using the router with OpenVPN through PIA.
    If I use the client directly on my windows PC the throughput is far superior suggesting that this piece of kit may be the bottleneck?
  • One possiblily that I read on the DD-WRT site about routers is the processor used. If the processor is limited in processing power it will slow down the through-put. I found this to be true with my Linksys WRT160N router. Not enough processing power so the link was slow (if DD-WRT was used and OpenVPN on the router).
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