Unable to install PIA on 2017 MBP

Hi There

I have been trying to install PIA on a new MBP.

I have tried to install it, and it says "Double Click the Installer etc" - then nothing happens. I have downloaded on both Safari and Chrome which all result in the same - non existent install.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    Try running as admin?
  • Yup, I am the only user on the MacOS and have admin rights. I am able to install all other programs but the installer is not doing anything after I click on the installer, then allow the program to open. 

    No bar bar at the top page, nothing in the app folder - I does not appear to do anything

    ive tried different versions of the installer and the same thing happens.
    i have been able to install Tunnelblick and that works fine, but I personally like the PIA program

    any suggestions to get the PIA app installed ?
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