How to setup PIA VPN on Kodi 6.0.3?

I am unable to find "add vpn connection" under the network setting in Kodi.

How can I add my PIA connection to Kodi 6.0.3?


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    If you're using Kodi on the computer, there is no need to add anything in Kodi, all connections go through PIA
    If you're using it on your TV with a Firestick, the Firestick must be at least second gen Firestick and you can use the Android apk for that.
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    I just want to ask on which device are you using Kodi? If it's on PC than when the PIA app is on it will pass the same route for your kodi. However, if the device is different than you have to do little bit of an effort to get it through with it. Check, the guide has a setup guide for Windows along with setting up a VPN on streaming device with VPN Manager for OpenVPN settings. 

    But to start off, you might be needing Zamboided Respository from GitHub. 
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