Pfsense + PIA VPN + utorrent

I've got so bogged down in this: I occasionally use utorrent which works fine with PIAs Windows client app. I've now decided to try a pfsense router because it moves the PIA workhorse of encryption/decryption from desktop PCs to the router and I can use pfsense to control access from connected clients and implement safe browsing. I'm also concerned about spy traffic coming from smart home devices and pfsense will allow me to manage that.

However, I'm tearing my hair out trying to get a torrent app to work. I've read about port forwarding and there are a lot of older posts and scripts written which seem to link PIA credentials to acquiring a specific port? The simple way seems to be uPNP but that isn't supposed to be  secure and I'm very much a newbie on networking. My gut instinct tells me if the PIA client app can establish a port tunnel for P2P,  then I should be able to do the same thing in pfsense or at least mirror what it's doing and replicate in pfsense settings (unless the PIA app is dynamic?)?

Can anybody point me to any up to date info which will help me setup a pfsense box to pass a torrent client app through PIA? I already have the box connected and running openVPN to PIA.
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