A sincere thank you!

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Finally found the best vpn after days and nights (yes really!) of research and reading.
I read everything from the more basic tests to the advanced tech guides, forums, reviews, opinions, protocolls, diagrams, and god knows what.
Signed up for plenty of vpn providers, big ones, smaller ones, more secret ones, "best reted", top 5 ones.

Basiclly i tried almost every single one. Some where better than others, both in price range and testings, user interface and speed. I did try to like using them, but ended up uninstalling and got some of the free to try money back.

Gave PIA a chance when i felt i was ready to give up using vpn, and i'm really happy i did sign up. I paid a month and it didnt take me long to understand that this is by far the best vpn out there. I dont like to pay for a whole year normally, but a couple of days later (today) i paid for 1 year, and i'm really happy i did.

I am not an self claiming "expert", i do not work for PIA, i'm just a really happy customer saying that PIA, in my option, is the best vpn out there, im moreo than happy i found you, and i write this because you deserve it, and i think its just fair to give good feedback when something is this good


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