Has anyone else been dealing with incredibly low speeds lately?

Most of the time when ever I used PIA east coast servers I got great speeds. 8mbps most of the time. Now it's almost like it is filtering out downloads and bandwidth. Like for instance, one specific torrent goes up to 3mbps when I hit resume then like clockwork 5 seconds later it completely drops the connection with all peers 1 by 1. When I disconnect everything is fine.

Other torrents download but at about 20kbps, and while they are downloading it takes about 1 minute to open one web page on the PIA website. Is there something going on that I don't know about?


  • **Edit: When I disconnect the VPN**
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    Hi @Sasquatch111

    Can you please email us on helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com so we can go through some testing with you. There are a range of reasons why you would be experiencing slower than normal speeds but we can go through some tests and identify the cause and advise a resolution as appropriate.


    Jayson Q.
    Head of Customer Support
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