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I have looked diligently for an answer to this in PIA and the web.  Does anyone know how to setup Kodi using the PIA Proxy?  I see a few people touching on the topic but only with a Firestick and Asus Android devices.  It shouldn't be too much different though one would think.

Below is a screenshot of my configuration.  Along with the server name you see at the link, I also tried nl.privateinternetaccess.com and  I also tried various other "types" of proxies in Kodi, and generating a new password all with no luck.  I also tried HTTP and HTTPS in front of nl.privateinternetaccess.com.  

It would be nice to get this to work so we can use a remote controller to toggle the proxy on and off in Kodi.  Or, at least test the proxy to make sure it is working and then I can focus my efforts on Kodi.  IE has a proxy field/section but no fields for a user name and password.

I'm using Comodo as my anti-virus with no firewall at all and I'm on Windows 7.  I have the VPN running on a different computer successfully so my account is in good standing.


Kodi thread w/ no answers:

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  • I just used Firefox and Foxyproxy and it does work using proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com.  So I just need to know how to get Kodi to work.
  • Is proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com the only Proxy that PIA has?  Any Canada one's by chance?  We like to watch HGTV Canada.
  • Did you get this going? I want to put PIA on my raspberry pi openelec for when i take it to someones house. A quick look at your screenshot - isnt the port wrong?
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