How to retrieve port number without tooltip

Hey all,
I'm running Ubuntu Gnome and pia seems to work great, except the tooltip that shows my ip and port I am on does not show up when I hover over the icon in the bottom left of my screen. I can still right click to bring up the normal menu however. Any way to easily retrieve the port number would be greatly appreciated (fixing the tooltip not appearing would also be a huge help)!


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    chmod +x
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    you probably need to add XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=${XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP/:*/} near the top of
    and check to see if packages libnss3 or libgconf-2-4 are installed
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    Is there not just a simple line that can report what the current port forward address is?  I've tried all of the other commands above and nothing works for me.  I'm having the same issue with the tooltip as the OP.  No matter what I do, it doesn't show up.  Really hoping for a response quickly as my yearly subscription updates in 2 days and I'd rather not pay for this service again if I can't use it.  Which I cannot use it without knowing the port forward address.

    Edit: Shortly after posting this, I found exactly what I needed:
    grep "Forwarded port is " ~/.pia_manager/log/pia_nw.log|awk 'END {print $NF}'

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