PIA Throttles...otherwise I magically get 100kbps no matter what every freaking time!

Tried the following while torrenting ubuntu and usenet ubuntu...also tried 4-5 other random files for good measure. For the first 60 seconds or so I get solid 2Mbit speeds and then SLOWWWWW down occurs. Every freaking time. 

  • Port change
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Happened to go from Century Link to Comcast in June (Comcast better price)...same result (both 100Mbps+ links) 
  • Also tied in my verizon phone to my laptop as a hotspot and STILL GOT 100kbps
  • disabled firewall
  • did it on a desktop and a laptop
  • tried a canadian, 3 US, and 1 EU server....same or worse result each time. 
I then tried IPVanish...no issue....I really dislike IPVanish interface...too bloated...but their throughput is better...so annoying.

What the freak...

Also I cant select any forum topic other than VPN setup on windows, digital lib news, other software/privacy support....also what the heck is with that?


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    Hi @hansolo99 — have you filed a support ticket? Please PM me your ticket number and I'll be happy to take a look at this issue.
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    @hansolo99   If you are concerned with speed, why would you choose TCP vs UDP?  While TCP is more popular and more reliable, UDP is faster than TCP.  There is no flow control or error correction but the speed is far greater.
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