BEWARE!! Nobody home in Billing/Customer Service.

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Paid my membership July 1:

This is a verification that your payment was received.


4643 S Ulster Street
Suite 1120
Denver, CO 80237
United States

July 01, 2017 
Order Number: 7091964 
Payment method: Credit Card
Yearly planUSD $39.95
TOTAL (USD): 39.95

Money was taken out of my account same day. Started receiving payment/cancellation notices next day. Tuesday (7/11)  I get this:

Dear Customer, 

This is a notification that your account, p6994636, has expired. 
We hope you enjoyed your stay with Private Internet Access. 

It appears your account was canceled due to lack of payment. This may be due to an expired credit card or insufficient funds in your payment account. 

If you would like to signup again for a new account, please click here

Please come back soon!

Kind Regards, 
Private Internet Access Team 
Subsidiary of London Trust Media Inc.

 In those 10 days I have struggled to connect to PIA servers. In the 3 years I have been a PIA customer I have never had worse service.  Email on 7/10 to customer service has gone unanswered/ignored. Apparently, PIA have turned to thievery as a business model. BEWARE, If you have ANY trouble with your account, they will keep your money, cancel your account, and ignore your support requests!!

By the way, complaining about the volume of support requests is nothing more than a disservice to your customers.  Either PIA is willing to scale operations to business needs, or they will ultimately fail. It is very simple. Take care of your customers or close your doors.

Support ticket # 
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    Couldn't agree more.  Signed up for service (order number 7171317) but never received my user id and password.  PIA took my money but refuses to respond to my emails and my automated support ticket (396140) so i can use the service i paid for.  Bad look for PIA.

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    Hi there, @cyacos — I'm so sorry for the trouble with this. I've just issued a response to your support ticket. 

    @odiedad65, I have just resent your login information. I apologize for the delay.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  • I want to make a payment with paypal but I do not see a way to do it....
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    Hi there, @supertolete. I just took a look at your ticket, and I see that my colleague Alex has already sent you an answer. Please don't hesitate to PM me here on the forum if you need any additional assistance.
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