i just updated PIA VPN on my ipad, and now it won't connect AT ALL

i have been subscribed to this service for a few years, and have never had a problem before, but i just updated PIA VPN on my ipad, and suddenly it won't connect AT ALL. when i try to connect, it says "Status Connecting..." and never gets any further, regardless of where i'm connecting to.

i have been disconnecting PIA VPN in order to get my network connection to work, but i don't like it. can somebody help me out, here?


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    Hi @p5149060,

    We’ve identified an issue with our current iOS version (2.2) on the App Store that affected some of the users using iOS 11 beta or older versions of iOS. Very rarely it’d also affect using the stable versions of iOS.

    We have submitted a fix to Apple and are getting an expedited review, which means that this fix should end up on your device very soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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    i am using iOS9.3.5 which is the latest iOS version available for my ipad. i hope it comes soon, because i really don't like operating without a VPN, especially in these times.
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    i updated my PIA VPN on my tablet, yesterday. it seems to connect when i hard-reboot it, but if it is disconnected while the tablet is turned on, the only way to get it to reconnect is to hard-reboot it again. this is a slight improvement over not being able to connect at all, but it is still severely inconvenient.
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    it also appears to disconnect if it is left more than an hour or so with no network activity... which means i have to hard reboot my tablet every time i use it, because i don't use it more than once every two hours or so. 8/
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