PIA FAILS Only After Launch Of uTorrent

Recently purchased PIA for testing.

PIA works fine for hours for all Internet access except uTorrent.

PIA FAILS with launch of uTorrent.

1. Launch PIA - connection OK.

2. Launch uTorrent client

3. uTorrent connects OK for about 30 seconds

4. PIA then disconnects ALL network access

Without PIA, uTorrent works OK for hours.

This is not intermittent. It is a consistently repeatable BUG. 

I have uninstalled the PIA software stack, reinstalled TAP drivers, changed ports and etc.


I have opened a ticket BTW and no response yet.



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    Hi @p3022792,

    I just took a look at your ticket and issued a reply!
  • If this problem was solved can the solution be made public because I have the same exact problem.
  • Hello @Lakesidex,

    I am sorry that you are having this issue, would you be able to tell me a few things about your setup:
    • What operating system and version are you using?, 
    • Are you connecting to the VPN using our VPN software, or did you use different setup instructions?
    • Do you have any security applications installed on the device you’re using the VPN service on (firewalls, antivirus, etc)? Any other VPN or proxy software?
    • How do you connect to the internet on that device (plugged in, Wifi, mobile data, etc)? Are you on a public or private network?

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