No fast way to get an answer? [Solved]

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I had everything cleared up to cancel my credit card, then PIA auto renews for 2 years,
I had not used this service in a long time. And I had no plans to keep it.
I opened a ticket to ask for a refund so I can cancel my credit card before I get my annual fee charged and there seems to be no way to contact them faster.
Please help.
I am a student and the service auto renewed for 2 years.
Those are $59.99 I might need for something else. Same with the credit card annual fee.

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    Hi @EvolvedSpiral

    I'm so sorry for the trouble! It looks like Chris was able to sort out your refund. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.
  • Nope, he solved it, the same day.
    Thank you!
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