Android (Philips) Smart TV setup query

Hi everyone.:)

My Philips 55PUS7181/12 Smart TV has Android version 6.0.1 (security patch: 5 June 2017). I found some instructions for configuring Open VPN Connect for use with PIA but I cannot find an app called Open VPN Connect. I can however find an app called Open VPN for Android and I've downloaded and installed it. But I really know what I'm doing after that.

Would someone be able to guide me through or link me to some instructions for configuring Open VPN for Android for use with PIA? 

Any help would really be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance. :)


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    Download the app (APK) from Google Play Store and install manually. Philips TV (IDIOTS! ARE THEY TRYING TO BE AS STUPID AS APPLE, DECIDING FOR US WHAT WE ARE ALLOWED?) is 'incompatible' with the app and can't be installed directly from Google Play :(.

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  • Hi Bar2. :)

    Sorry for my late response. For some reason I didn't get an email notification that you posted.

    Thank you very much. I'll give that a go. :)
  • Yeah! I got the APK, downloaded it to my Google Drive and used ES file explorer on my Android TV to side load PIA from Google Drive.

    Cheers for your help. :)
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