VPN Crashing when I d/l with SabNzbd

Korra 25 (Fedora 25 Base)

I am using the Network Manager within my OS to connect to the PIA VPN.  I have had this setup for at least 2 years.  However, for some reason, recently (within the last 5 months or so) I have had periodic disconnections.  So, I've turned off the VPN and everything works perfectly.

However, I don't want to keep running without my VPN, and when I turn it on, within anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute, my download manager  stops downoading (doesn't crash -- but stops downloading).  I have to disconnect the VPN in order to get it working again.

Can someone please help me debug this?


  • I should also mention, when my download manager (SabNzbd) stops downloading, my internet connections stops.  Iif I drop to the command line, I can't get any responses when pinging (e.g. ping  Nothing.

    When I disconnect and reconnect the VPN connection, then it works again.  Until I start downloading again, then it stops again.
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    try a different physical network interface?  if wifi, then wired.  if wired, then wifi. if wifi and no wired, then different wifi.
  • It is wired and no wifi (desktop computer).

    But, as mentioned, the network works fine without the VPN.
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    try using the PIA-supplied ovpn files and openvpn manually?
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