Little Snitch pia_openvpn_client wants to connect to 104.... The process has no code signature

Little Snitch v4.0.2 - Mac OS X 10.12.6

Little Snitch: pia_openvpn_client wants to connect to

"The process has no code signature. The executable can be maliciously modified without being detected. The matching rule is therefore not being applied.

"A matching rule exists that requires a valid code signature by an unknown developer, but the process has no valid code signature. This could mean that the application was possibly maliciously modified. The matching rule is therefore not being applied.

"To allow connections by this process anyway, all existing rules for “pia_openvpn_client” can be modified to ignore any code signature. This makes these rules less secure, though.

Allowing "no code signature" returns:

! This will modify all existing rules for "pia_openvpn_client" to not require any code signature anymore. (buttons: Cancel - Modify Existing Rules)

Is the company ignoring this?


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    Hi @captainzap,

    We're currently working to get our code signed for future releases, but this can be a lengthy process with OS vendors. In the meantime, you can verify that your copy of PIA is legitimate by viewing our checksums.
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