PIA client for macOS performance SUCKS BIG TIME

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Honestly, using scripted languages like Node.js or Ruby for something as a VPN client isn't the best choice -- it's a bad, bad choice indeed.

On an MBP 2016 TB I can see the ruby, NW.js and some other process I can't remember its name right now consuming way too much CPU cycles for what should be tolerated. A VPN client should be lightweight and F-Secure Freedome VPN client is an awesome example, but hey, it is coded in a compiled language and you should do the same.

Why people keep using this scripted crap for tasks that should be optimized to the bit it's beyond me -- maybe costs? That incredible silly idea of "code once, run everywhere"? Sure, that's how Disconnect.me ends up with the bloatest VPN client ever.

Please, seriously, consider rewriting your app to a compiled language; Obj-C, Swift or Go would be great. Your client has to be as lean as possible with a minimal impact on the system, specially when considering it usually runs 24/7/365.

Hope you take note of this.
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