[RESOLVED] Remotely disable kill switch Ubuntu 14

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I do not have local physical access, but I do have remote power/reboot.
I signed into my remote computer and saw that the VPN was no longer connected. (Red PIA icon).
I've successfully used the kill switch in the past but thought I no longer needed it.  It has been a looooong time since PIA had crashed on me.

With the kill switch now active I have no remote access once I log into the machine, the kill switch is killing connection/keeping me out.
If I force reboot the machine, I can ping and ssh to the computer before logging in.

Is there a way I can remove the kill switch prior to logging in?
To disable it.
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    What are your thoughts on editing this file?
    Will it turn off kill switch and get me working again?

    change to:
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    Does NOT work, I had full access for a little while longer (extra 15 seconds) after making those changes, but the kill switch is still active it seems.

    Just uninstalled PIA completely
    rm -rf ~/.pia_manager/

    Reboot, able to log in fine.
    Reinstall, forget about kill switch.
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