Thank you PIA customer support team!!

Quick shout out to "Anna T"  and the rest of the customer support team here at PIA!! I just renewed my subscription for a 2nd year here at PIA, and first off, WHAT A GREAT DEAL!! 12 months for only $40 us? Amazing! Had a minor problem connecting my torrent downloads when i first switched over to my new account, but not for long! I sent my support request through, and was contacted, advised what i needed to do, and was downloading successfully later that night!!
Really am loving my PIA VPN service! Thanks again to "ANNA T." and the team at PIA customer support!!


  • I have been with PIA since 2012 and have never had a bad service :) they have kept me anonymous when I have needed it most.
  • That's funny since the PIA CS team has been non existent for the past few months, but I'm glad it seems like they're getting their stuff back together.
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