How long for email whitelisting?

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I've sent in two requests to whitelist my server.
426752 on 8/29 and

429905 on 8/31.

How long does it typically take for these to be reviewed? I haven't been able to send email (except through a gawdawful web interface) since signing up.

It's been weird getting email responses from your tech support saying "put your reply in this email" that I then can't send back.


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  • Nevermind. I taught myself how to "route (mail server IP) net_gateway" while I was waiting.
    I'm sure you could save yourself a bunch of headaches by putting that into the DD-WRT config instructions!
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    Why not do it yourself. Right here. Start a new post with the title of how to fix whitelisting/routing. You are now the subject matter expert.
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