rubyw.exe connecting to random IP - why?

rubyw.exe was installed on my machine as part of PIA VPN installation. But it's connecting to a random IP - can someone from PIA why it is connecting to this IP and what data does it exchange?


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    Actually its not connecting to a random IP, its a specific IP in a specific range with a specific purpose. The packet is being sent from a private IP address on your system, possibly the private IP of the TAP adapter. The address belongs to 'Akamai Technologies, Inc.' which is one of the largest CDN (Content Delivery Network and Cloud Delivery Network) and have items used in Operating systems, browsers, servers, etc. to make using their services more available. 

    Something on your system is trying to communicate via the internet to 'Akamai' and its going to the TAP adapter thinking its connected and if you are connected to VPN at the time that's why. 

    It may be something checking for updates, or you may be running something else that checks back through 'Akamai', Just a few thoughts; You have "Cloud" connection set up that's trying to sync or check something on your cloud account, or been steaming a movie or something, or browsing around and hit a site that is 'Akamai' friendly and wants to say "Hi" if it can?

    But, PIA should maybe answer this too.

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