Request: Multi-Hop Tunnels

PIA has been my choice as my primary VPN for years. One of the reasons I obviously chose PIA is because it is a no-log provider as evidenced by court documents. The service has been great and it has many, many, fast and reliable servers. PIA obviously, as a company, strives for privacy. One of the things PIA is missing, if not the only, is multi-hop VPN tunnels. At least three other providers come to mind that have this feature: NordVPN, IVPN, and Perfect-Privacy, all of which are very widely used and have a ton of users (NordVPN even double-encrypts its multi-hops). PIA has one of the largest server pools of any major VPN, and definitely the fastest servers. PIA dropped all Russian servers a few months ago and introduced their Chicago pool of servers last month, which to be honest, was not quite needed, as they already have the Midwest servers based in the same data centre and state. A few new servers are still in order, and PIA should be able to fund it because of the Russian loss. A few multi-hop tunnels would greatly increase attraction of new users and would massively increase privacy. Some users, such as myself, have a legitimate fear of traffic correlation attacks being used against them. A multi-hop tunnel can defeat this. PIA should implement a few multi-hop tunnels, with the two (or three) servers in the hop being in wildly different jurisdictions; for example: NL -> CH, DE -> RO, US -> NO. I, and many users, would very, very much appreciate this and I believe it would be a grand addition to the service. Thank you.

@PIAColleen @PIAJayson
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