Access works VPN via my android hotspot

So i have seen some explanations but i can't seem to suss whats going on. I'm hoping someone can help me. 

1) is it possible to use my phones hotspot to supply internet to my works computer and access the VPN network that they provide? (I don't want to set up a VPN i want to be able to access my work email which is VPN secured, through my phone internet hotspot)

2) If it is possible, how? 


  • I seem to recall another thread where someone asked about using PIA on a phone as a hotspot, but the answer was akin to "firewall blocks all external connections in order to keep traffic on the VPN only" and that it can't be used as a hotspot as a result. I wish I could find the thread but that seems to be the case.

    Have you considered just putting OpenVPN/PIA on a router instead? There's even handheld ($60 ballbark) portable routers that are compatible with it!
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