College wifi making it impossible to use VPN

My college requires me to download safeconnect (a form of spyware) to use the wifi. If i turn on PIA, after about a minute I lose internet connection because the safeconnect program isn't sending my info. Is there a way I can work around this? I would love to be able to keep the safeconnect program sending the same info on a loop or something so that I could have some privacy.

I wouldn't mind too much, but it is requiring me to lose my privacy, as well as randomly disconnecting me from the wifi and requiring me to reinstall it just because it is a VERY badly made program. 


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    Try speaking to your college IT guy/girl.
    Or you could try asking Safeconnect direct.

    Update: just been to their web site and the software is horrible! Worse than the NSA for spying!
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  • yeah, trying to talk the safe connect people into making an exception is pretty pointless. To them privacy is something used only for evil
  • @dennador have you tried a LiveCD/LiveUSB GNU/Linux distribution like DebianLive to see if you can bypass it completely? That usually works for me for government and corporate networks, but it's a crapshoot.
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