When i use PIA every site ask me if i am a robot?

When i use PIA, google and lots of other sites ask me if i am a robot, because lots of people use this ip... ? Is there a solution for that? And what about if i want to use a ISP in my country when i are traveling then i can't use my Cable TV provider because its lock for my home country because of rights for the Cable TV providers, then it says my IP is an known VPN IP... Is there a solution for that too? 


  • Hello Anhan,
    When Google receives many simultaneous request from the same IP, which would happen with our service since we share our IP addresses. So when hundreds of users are connected to the same IP Google interprets this as suspicious and sends the captcha to verify the user is not a bot. If are experiencing a high volume of these captch's I would suggest that you disconnect and reconnect from your VPN so that you can cycle your IP address. Another solution would be to connect to a different location.

    As for your your issue with your cable TV provider, it looks like you are experiencing geolocked issue, I would love to assist you further with this please open a support ticket here: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/contact-us
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