The best android phone on the market

Many articles are saying that the new Pixel is the best android phone on the market. I want one sooo bad!  Mainly because I want to get on Project Fi, Imagine a cellular network that combines 3 other networks into one, connecting you to the strongest, closest cell tower of the 3.  Project fi is run by google. To use it you must have one of the 4 phones that Google makes because they put some new radio in them that can connect to any radio frequency on the planet. And the plans? Well, there's no contracts and for $30 a month you get unlimited text and unlimited talk and 1 gig of data. Pretty awesome huh? I mean they probably aren't even making any money off the cell plans.
That leads me to my number one concern and why I am here talking about this. We all have been told, "If they aren't making any money off the product, then the product is you." We also know that Google (and facebook) are the reasons someone made up that quote. I would like to know what the professionals at privateinternetaccess think the security risks are of one of the largest and most successful collectors of personal data in the world having made their own phones and started their own cellular network. From what I have read, with their phone being the endpoint, not even a VPN could stop them from collecting data on you. Please tell me I'm just some paranoid freak on the internet with irrational fears.   
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