Feature request: allow VPN client to "white-list" certain WiFi networks[Solved]

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I would really like to see one small feature added to the otherwise excellent Android PIA VPN application: ability to disable VPN for certain WiFi networks, similar to the existing option for applications to bypass VPN connection.

I don't want to use VPN when I'm connected to my home WiFi, but I want it to stay "on" in all other cases. I know that I can disconnect it manually, but they I risk eventually forgetting to turn it back "on" when I leave my home.

Please see what can be done.

Thank you,
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  • Hello Maxim,

    Thank you for using our VPN services! We truly appreciate your suggestion about being able to whitelist certain WiFi networks within our Android application. However at this time we currently have no information available regarding possible upcoming changes to our application such as features, servers, locations, etc.However we are always working on improving our application. I will send a note to our developers regarding your request; if an idea is requested often enough and is viable, they may consider it for further developments. 
  • Thank you, Kaneesha!
    I hope that your developers like my suggestion and implement it soon :)
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    I agree, this would be a great feature. Not only to turn off when it recognizes a whitelisted WiFi network but also an option to turn off automatically when there's no WiFi and it's on cellular instead.
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