LTE Router/Wifi access point

Hi all,

I have a TP Link TL-MR6400 where I cannot set up a VPN. This device is my home internet connection as its the fastest option available. Imwould like to add a wifi router where I can set up a VPN on. I learned today the TP Link WR940N is capable of setting it up with a L2TP connection. How would I need to configure both routers so that I access the internet via the WR940N and a installed VPN? Do I need to set it as a access point and would I still be able to set the VPN details? I have not bought any router yet, but there is a very limited availability on routers in the country where I currently reside. I was tempted to buy a flashrouter preset for a VPN, but I want to avoid having it shipped over just to learn that its not working... the WR940N is easy to get here.



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