This service has become unusable

Instead of starting several posts about my numerous issues with pia, which I’ve been struggling with months now, I post the issues here. To be honest I don’t expect lot help dealing with these issues at this point because I’ve followed every guide and tips from forums that I can find.

I’m having these issues in all of my computers

Here is the list:

- PIA is working extremely slowly, it takes 30 seconds or more to open web pages. When I test

my connection speed I might get 100mb or more but pages still open slowly.

I tried these guides (few examples) and those help about a week and the issue came back

- PIA connection is often extremely slow, we are talking about kilobytes, and it doesn’t matter which ports etc. I’m using and to which region I connect to.

- PIA keeps disconnecting regularly, I cannot keep staple connection for longer periods of t time.

- I have trouble connecting.

- PIA is connected but no internet access.

These are issues that I’m struggling pretty much daily now and I’m sick of it. My subscription ends in few months and seems that I have nothing more left than to try some other service.


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    Whether it is the government/police or ISP that is blocking, slowing down, disrupting the VPN connections isn’t the main issue – whoever is, they are succeeding. If this continues, time’s for VPNs are coming to their end within years. If this is the case of government beta testing with smaller numbers at first, do you really think that they don’t do this to everyone, eventually? What are the solutions if this is the case? Change western leaders, a lot of them.

  • Hey @Melor

    I'm so sorry you've had so many issues with the service. It does sound like something odd might be going on across your network. I'm happy to help investigate this issue in a little more depth, if you would like. Please submit a support ticket with the information you've posted here, and let me know what your ticket number is. 
  • I'm having the disconnect every 2 hours or so problem.....and it's really started after I "upgraded" to the win 10 creators update...not sure if that's the same as you Melor, but it might be a avenue to look into.....
  • I’m going submit the support ticket soon, I’ve been busy…

    These issues are also happening on my win 7 devices too (some update there causing this?). After the 2 hour disconnection the pia application cannot be re-connected without restarting the computer. Its stuck on loading and only options are help and exit. When I choose exit, and launch pia again it is still stuck on loading.

    At least PIA works on my android devices :P

  • Seems that one of my suspicions might have been right. When my issues with pia continued about month ago I decided to do factory reset to my laptop to make sure its clean and excluding out possible causes. So I did that and updated my windows 7 but unfortunately my issues didn’t go away. I decided to repeat the same process but this time little differently; I didn’t install any windows updates except SP1. So far my pia connection has been stable and I’ve been able to keep connection for long periods without disconnecting. Before I could keep it only 2 hours max on my laptop too. So it seems (so far) that some update is causing same issue on windows 7 that creators upgrade on windows 10. Its odd that only some have this issue if update is the cause. Microsoft isn’t our friend or for privacy nor freedom and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did this on purpose. Now starts the hard part to try to figure out which update/updates cause these or at least some of these issues: P
  • After installing punch of patches, avoiding telemetry ones and few that are known to cause issues with vpns, my vpn connection still went from stable to disconnections :/ Attempts to get vpn run stable on windows 10 have been futile. Getting tired of f-ing Microsoft, will install linux to my laptop soon.

  • Am reviving your thread @Melor cause I'm having the same bad connection speed issues. Only occasionally getting dropped (every few days happens sporadically). But my download speed is TERRIBLY SLOW. 
    ping 115 ms, DownL 4.46 Mbps, UpL 6.47 Mbps (on PIA VPN thru US East)
    ping 0 ms, DownL 37.31 Mbps, UpL 10.79 Mbps (off VPN)
    I've opened up support tickets for it, which take 5-7 days to hear back on, and the suggestion points me to the same help pages you linked, suggesting to 1) try different servers and 2) try different ports, until I get one that works. Great. So that occasionally works, after trying 5-7 different server / port combos I get something, but it isn't consistent, and may change the next time I log in. Is there any better solution? I didn't sign up for this to add a tedium every time I just want to connect with a decent speed connection. I'm about ready to give up on PIA and try a different VPN.

    I use this on my Win 8 PC, and also my Macbook Air. Both have great network speed without using a VPN (if that's not obvious) so the only issue comes up when I try to go through the PIA network.
    Curious if PIA Support can be of any help at all.
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    Its been a while…

    I decided to update my situation. I contacted pia support about this issue while back and unfortunately their instructions did not help me. I wasn’t surprised to be honest because I’ve tried all that already.

    I decided that there is nothing else left but to try some other VPN and see if my issues persist. I decided to try Nordvpn which I heard mainly good things about. I’ve been using it about month now and boy am I impressed! No disconnections or any other issues. First time in a long time I can leave my browser on and do other projects without having to worry about connection dropping etc. It is more expensive, but totally worth it.

    Don’t get me wrong. I had many good years with this service so I cannot say that it is bad but unfortunately something happened with PIA so it no longer works on my windows systems, so my time with PIA has come to an end.

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  • I am considering dropping my subscription to PIA and moving to NordVPN as well. I can only afford one VPN and I need it to help be sidestep region blocking. PIA is not working for that (Netflix out of region won't work) so I'm on a free trial with NordVPN. So far getting around region blocking works fine. Are you still satisfied with NordVPN?
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