Getting Error 691

I just got the 2 years of PIA and I used client and I got green light in utorrent but no speeds at all, I then tried jsut connecting through windows the way I do with many VPNs, generated a Socks username and password and it keeps giving me Error 691. Not a great start for me and PIA. ANy ideas?


  • Hey @FriendlyRobot

    In general, we don't recommend using the proxy for torrenting, as SOCKS5 is not encrypted. Our regular OpenVPN connection through the application (with the killswitch enabled) is our preferred setup for torrenting.

    However, If you'd like to use the SOCKS5 proxy for torrents, I'd definitely recommend doing so by binding it directly to your torrent client. You may have to make a few changes to utorrent (namely, disabling uTP and ensuring you don't have too many global connections/peers) to recover your speeds.

    Windows doesn't support SOCKS5, which is why you're seeing error 691. 

    If you'd like a little more in depth support configuring your torrent client, please send us a support ticket and let me know what your ticket number is. I'm happy to help!
  • Hi Colleen, thanks for your offer to assist, would be greatly appreciated. Ref no. is 446633
  • Do I need to use port forwarding? Do I need specific server? Do I need to use proxy?
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