PIA disconnects every day at 08h30 and at 14h30, sharp!

Hello  I find worrying these daily disconnections which occur exactly at 08h30 and  at 14h30. This happens only when I am using my mobile internet connection. Why is this happening? Hypothetically, is it possible that some office (either private or public) is using an automated method in order to systematically override my pia-vpn  and to track my internet activity? Which public/private  office and under which circumstances would it have the authority to do such thing? You guys at PIA how do you explain this?


  • Hi @gisot,

    I can tell you that this issue isn't due to any resets on our side. There are a number of potential causes — your mobile data provider might reset your connection at regular intervals, you might have an app installed that toggles mobile data, or it could be that you happen to switch towers at those times every day. 

    If you'd like, I would be happy to take a closer look at a debug log to see what the app is doing when these disconnections occur!

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    Dear PiaVipper, thank you for your reply. and thank you also for the very high level trust you kindly demonstrate towards me, expecting I should be reading all  that very long text with very specific technical contents in order to fix my vpn. Do you perhaps at pia sometimes try to help users with a remote session, this could be a quick way to solve the issue, ...  assuming all this is just about a technical issue. As I said sharp 08h30 and sharp 14h30 disconnections only happen when I am using mobile connections. Thank you.
  • @PiaVipper
    today as usual since a few months ago, pia vpn disconnected at 14h30 CEST and then reconnected (usually it did not reconnect ....., today yes it did reconnect by itself) please investigate on why the disconnections are occurring; 8h30 14h30 are office hours ... public office hours ....
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    Since the timing is so specific its probably power line generated EMI spikes causing RFI; Office hours start and the area power grid loading increases - offices hours end and the area power grid loading decreases = each time the loading increases or decreases there is a switch in the power load balancing caused by switching at a local power grid hub that generates an EMI spike which generates RFI on the power line feeding the wireless tower/point you are connected to that interferes with wireless connections signal spectrum briefly. The greater the power loading being balanced the greater the EMI/RFI spike. Its usually let through to the tower by poor to no filtering on the power line or by a power feed which is not a true delta 3 phase feed but rather what is called a "delta with a wild leg" (which creates a split-phase single phase supply and three-phase supply, its a cheaper way to supply power to wireless/cell service towers  - very susceptible to the EMI/RFI spikes).  

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  • IP addresses from the ISP are not forever. They do renew. How and when is determined by the ISP. It would be strange if the ISP renewed IP address everyday at the given times. But, who know what goes on in the minds of ISPs?

    I would tend to agree with @PIAColleen that there is something on your device that is causing this reset. It could be app related or it could be OS related. I would take up her offer of looking at debug logs during those time periods.

    On the RFI/EMI issue, it is possible, but I would think if that was happening then there is a huge chance that poor engineering is the blame. I wouldn't discount RFI/EMI, but I would put it on the back burner until logs on OS/app problems are ruled out.
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    Just a thought - could be the DHCP lease time set by the device.
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    Assuming this is an actual signal issue.

    I doubt its a PIA issue due to the timing because if it were all PIA users using the same gateway would be having the same issue but I can't find anything on the forums about this 'office period only' disconnect thing posted by others.

    I doubt its a DHCP lease time. I've never seen a device setting on anything that allowed setting two different DHCP lease times, is there such a thing?

    As for DHCP leases from ISP, the industry standard is once every 24 hours as a minimum but a DHCP lease renewal is not suppose to disconnect the connection and only changes the lease time (renewal). One way to check the lease period is to look at the ip configuration info and it will indicate when the lease was last renewed and when it expires (in Windows its just a command prompt and the 'ipconfig/all' command - forget how to do it for MAC and others right now).

    If the mobile provider 'resets' the connection its self twice in a 24 hour period but only several hours apart as the op indicates that is a very odd thing. To do so would intentionally disrupt thousands of consumers and businesses which is not a very good business practice for a wireless company to use if they depend on that pesky thing called 'profit' to stay in business.

    It could be the OP is using a 'free' municipal (city/area government) service, and during the municipality office hours it disconnects all but those that are actually municipality. I know some areas of the world have this type of thing, its kinda rare but it exists.

    I posted about the EMI/RFI issue because I spent two years dealing with that issue with the same hours the OP posted. The issue did not go away until they put in proper 3 phase power and get rid of the 'wild leg delta" for the tower (the closest and only signal in the area that was usable) I was using and EMI/RFI filtering on the power line to the tower. Forced to use that tower because it was the only signal strong enough where I lived and we had no other ISP options in the area yet like we do today. It was then I found out about the EMI/RFI issue from the wireless company. 

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