Popcorn Time

I am new here and in desperate need of a VPN but given that I have a very limited knowledge hence I joined this forum on recommendation of a dear friend where I hope my query gets answered. See I am just a regular guy who loves watching movies and shows in his spare time but lately I have been facing this issue where I am unable to access popcorn time whenever I travel. Upon research it says that popcorn time is geo-restricted although its not illegal. Anyways I want you to recommend me a VPN Provider which this site claims that pureVPN is its top choice but obviously they are all marketing gimmicks or even better if PIA's VPN is up to the task or not, need your opinion on this as well. I am all ears!



  • PIA is what you want! Connect to PIA with Kill Switch Enabled and DNS leak protection on and you can download and use Popcorn Time all you like.
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