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A good percentage of sells will now depend on this website. Whenever anyone types in google "pia review" or "private internet access review", this is the very first site (ignoring ad links) they will see. Of course, sells also comes from word of mouth or ads, but its always important to have good reviews and this one is pretty bad.

First, I did the tests he performed and I see 0 leaks on my end. Of course, I disabled ipv6 and it will always be disabled. I'm no internet/network geek but I don't even see the point of it so I stick with ipv4.

I wont say the review is incorrect. Lets face it, there was a point when support just wasn't answering us and he stated that and backed it up with screenshots on forum posts. But times change. I'm not sure why he was getting leaks. Perhaps an old version or something else but I check daily and never see any leaks.

The person who wrote this is on the forums. He made very good points but the product can change and improve over time. I completely agree about support at the time (but not now) and I agree that its an issue that pia is located in the USA. But I see 0 leaks.

I just thought I'd bring this up.

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    VPN reviews are useless overall.
  • Agreed.   Today, IPV4 is of little use to most consumers, but over time it is inevitable that the open net will move towards IPV6, and which point you'll want to enable it, as IPV6 emulation via IPV4 does not work for everything.
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