is the Linux PIA client only for x64 or will it work also on 32-bit o/s? [Solved]

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Can someone please tell me if the Linux PIA client works on older 32-bit machines or is it only x64?  I've looked for this basic info and find absolutely no trace. I have a small old machine which could be useful when travelling but it's native o/s long expired and given its meagre resources, including only 1.5GB RAM, I'd been thinking of Linux Mint with Xfce or maybe Lite.
If PIA's own product is x64 only, is there a link to a workaround for 32-bit, probably Ubuntu-related? tia 
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  • Hello Tia, 

    PIA will work on 32bit, however it requires an i686 machine or above. 
  • Thanks for that, sounds like it should cover a 2007 Vaio with Intel Centrino mobile chipset. With an ssd in lieu of its oem 4200rpm 1.8" hdd the laptop runs Win8.1 tolerably and a couple of the Linux live .isos with more ' lightweight' window managers yield a further 200MB RAM usage in comparison.
  • No problem!
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