More than 5 simultaneous connections [Solved]

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I want to be able to have more than 5 simultaneous connections.  I contacted PIA support several months ago to ask if there was a way to add more connections to my existing account (for an additional cost, of course), but they said no.

I don't want to set up PIA on my router.  Is my only solution to purchase a second PIA subscription?  Will PIA even allow that?  Or is having a second subscription against some type of Terms Of Service?

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  • Hey @digger

    It's true that we can't add more connections to your existing account. To ensure the privacy and security of our users, all accounts are generated automatically after payments are processed. This allows us to avoid keeping any identifying information on file, but unfortunately, it means that we can't make these kinds of account adjustments.

    However, you absolutely can purchase a second subscription and use that to connect your additional devices. You can do that here!

  • Thanks for the information, Colleen!
  • This topic still remains closed; however, I have an additional question.

    I have yet to sign up for my second account because I want the billing dates to be the same for both.  So I planned to wait until my current account's yearly renewal date (November 24) before signing up for a second account.  However, it dawned on me today that some companies give customers a free week or so before actually charging for a service.  So by waiting until November 24 to sign up for the second account, I might actually still have different billing dates.

    Can anyone speak to that?  If I sign up on X date, will my billing date (the yearly renewal date) be that exact day, or would it be sometime later?  If later, how long before my current account's renewal date would you recommend I sign up for the second account?  (I guess the billing date of each account doesn't have to be exactly the same day.  But I would like them close together, for my personal accounting purposes.)

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