Ubuntu 16.04 PIA GUI does not launch

My VPN is working fine, I can see the green robot in the tray. When I click (right or left) no GUI is launched, I only see the tooltip that shows the IP I'm connected to. I want to turn off the VPN, or change where I'm connected. How do I launch the GUI? Or, how do I fix the fact the GUI isn't displaying. Thanks in advance.


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    make sure you have the packages "net-tools", "libnss3" and "libgconf-2-4" installed.

    you probably also need to add XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=${XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP/:*/} near the top of run.sh
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    Hi tbruer, 

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. 

    There isn't really a GUI to be launched — the VPN is controlled from a drop-down menu that looks like the image attached. 


    Are you seeing something different? If so, could you provide a screenshot? 

    If you can open up a ticket here and PM me your ticket number, I will be happy to help troubleshoot this with you :)
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