I could not find out the Short Cut of PIA

I have installed the PIA app in my windows PC and can log in to the VPN, unfortunately, I could not find any short cut to open up the application after my pc has been reboot. Any one can give me ideas?


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    Hi @kevinxd11,

    You most likely just need to change the Taskbar settings to ensure the app icon always appears. 

    1. On your desktop, right-click on the Taskbar, and go to "Properties"
    2. On the Taskbar tab, under the Notification Area heading, click "Customize"
    3. Locate our app icon from the list, and select "Always Show" from its drop menu
    4. Click OK to apply the changes.

    After that, the icon should appear in the Taskbar!
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  • I think kevinxp919 is looking for a desktop or start menu shortcut to start PIA. 

    If you have the default PIA settings (including Start on user login), PIA will automatically start.

    However, if you must restart PIA, scroll down to Private Internet Access in the Start Menu, open the folder, and click on PIA Manager.

    I Pinned that shortcut to my Start Menu (Windows 10). 

    Caution: if PIA is already running, starting the program will disconnect from the PIA server, exit the current copy of PIA, and start PIA again. 
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    Additionally, here is a link describing how to create a desktop shortcut. 
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