Using Popcorn time with a VPN

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Popcorn time lets you stream torrents, my main concern is the can I use a different VPN which is secure and fast rather than the free VPN offered by Popcorn time VPN itself which I don't trust as my ISP is not okay torrents and I want to stay out of trouble. Any suggestion? 

Edit: Since I was researching for the VPN this website caught my attention which talks solely about popcorn time and VPN services (
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    But which PT fork are we talking about (there are so many)?

    Yes, PIA might protect you. Then again it may not. Popcorn Time is a very iffy issue. What with all the forks out there, some of which are run by rather dubious people, what guarantees do you have that the particular PT version you're running isn't leaking your actual IP, or perhaps even bypassing your vpn entirely? Some are suspected of being honeypots, and ironically enough some of the forks sling mud at each other and accuse each other of being honeypots. So how can you possibly know which one to trust? As far as I can see none of them can be trusted.

    It's for that reason I abandoned PT long ago. Safer to just download what you want the tried and true way.
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