Help! PIA fail to start. Have to re-install every time I need it!

I installed the PIA client on my desktop, windows 10. The clients works fine for the first time, but after system restart, it fails to start unless I re-install it. I already uninstalled anti-virus software in my system so it should have nothing to do with it or the system firewall. It almost drive me crazy. Anyone has the same satuation? please help !


  • Thanks for reaching out to us @kukaxuan! I have just responded to your ticket :)

  • I have the same problem and haven't received a reply to my ticket yet. Can anyone point out a possible solution?
  • Hello @Dmitry, Would you be able to provide me with your ticket number and I would be happy to assist you with your issue.
  • Ticket 448158.
  • Hey @Dmitry

    I have just responded to your ticket. 

    Thank you so much for reaching out today!
  • I've contacted PIA about this before and got a less than satisfactory response. Essentially something about the PIA client is broken and/or does not work well with antivirus software because of how it generates a temporary ruby executable every time the software is run or some other unknown bug. The only fix for me has been to uninstall the PIA client, install OpenVPN and use the OpenVPN configuration files. I've had a stable connection ever since. I hope they fix this soon.
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    PIAAustin said that system languages with non-UTF-8 characters can cause installation issues like this. I changed my system locale to English, and the app worked again. So for anyone with this issue, if you are using a different system language, this workaround should fix the problem.

    Of course, it would be preferable if PIA could fix the app to allow it to work on non-English systems.
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  • dszdsz
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    Same thing, ticket 454267 unanswered for 2 days.
    Is there a way to do this without changing system language? Or do I need to do it only for installation and then change back?
  • Hey @dsz

    I'm sorry you have had to wait. I have just responded to your ticket. 
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    Hey dsz,

    Changing the system language back after installation won't help, unfortunately. You should either keep working under the English system locale, or use a different method of connecting to the PIA servers.

    You can use OpenVPN instead of the PIA app - it is a little bit more tricky to set up, but it does not have the same issues with non-English system languages.
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