I have not received my activation email for my service or for the forum

I submitted a ticket but I received no reply either.

PIA is like the walmart of VPN's now, no support and phony "privacy" ethics I mean why do you guys use re-captcha and google services? that stuff fingerprints your computer.

Someone please help and contact me via the forum so I am sure to get it (I don't know why the email I made doesn't work) I will PM you my order information.

 I also want to receive a service credit for the days I have missed thank you.


  • I paid with a gift card and it told me my username and password were below however it didn't provide them.
  • Hey @Moscow

    I'm really sorry you haven't yet received your login information. I just attempted to re-send your credentials. Please let me know if you've received them.
  • I have lost access to that email account, they insisted I provide a mobile number and locked it when I didn't. If you could PM me the details on reddit that would be nice (and then I would change my password), I can't view my inbox here as my account is not activated. Btw please fix the paygarden page, it says that your username and password "are below" but they aren't. Thanks for helpin.
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