How to reconnect?

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Is there any way, method or function to make PIA automatically connect when the connection has been dropped? I like to leave it on during the night, but often when I get up in the morning I find it has disconnected; sometimes for may hours. I want PIA to automatically reconnect (unless I manually disconnected, then of course it should not reconnect). How can I do this?
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  • Hey p3637599, 

    Thanks for reaching out! 

    I will recommend using OpenVPN for this auto-reconnect feature. 

    If OpenVPN is not working, remove persist-tun from the config and it will pretty much always reconnect. 

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    I don't understand? How do I use OpenVPN to make the PIA application auto-reconnect? removing persist-tun from the config sounds a lot easier, wouldn't that be my first solution then? Or are there implications or risks connected to removing persist-run?

    Also if you could help me locate the config file? What is the filename, and at which directory path should I look for it?
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  • Hey @p3637599

    Sorry for the confusion.

    What operating system are you using?

    Here is a link to our helpdesk where you can find how to setup OpenVPN based on your operating system. 

    The config files are the .ovpn files you will have copied to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

    You can open it with notepad and just remove persist-tun. 
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