Help Please! Windows 10 users, do you see multiple PIA processors WITH THE SAME NAME RUNNING?

Hello All, im running the latest windows 10 home version and the latest version 72 application.
This has been bothering me for some time now, and that is, 2 processes named the same, so can you check if you have the same multiple processes running in your task manager and that behavious is normal?

I have tried clean install etc, always is the same result. Is this an application bug, or is this something that i should worry about?
I dont have problems with the VPN per se, but i am puzzled as to why this is happening, please advice.


  • Hey @PIAcustomer17

    Nothing to worry about here! Two instances of pia_manager.exe will run at any given time because one is essentially a supervisory process — it checks to make sure the other one is doing what it should be, and it'll restart it if it crashes. The other duplicate processes you see here are associated with the twin managers. 
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