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I have side loaded PIA onto Sony Android TV, it works  but comes up sideways as if the TV is a large phone, anybody know how I can change this as there is no option on the TV or if PIA are going to create a Android TV app?


  • Hello, Currently, we have no information available regarding possible upcoming changes to our service such as new server locations, services, features, etc.

    However I would also like to offer a suggestion of installing the application "Set orientation" this will allow you to rotate the application into a better view on your Android TV. 
  • That's an impressively lame answer. You can't be bothered to do a device check and assume any TVs or set top boxes with easily recognized device names run in landscape?

    You should be doing what IPVanish and others are doing and offering an app that's specifically built to make it easy to switch servers on these devices.
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    @asdasdasdASDASDASD Support and development are two different departments -- as this is a request for support, @PIAKaneesha is accurately responding with what immediate solutions are available and known to them. As I don't have and Android TV, I'm afraid I too am lost for suggestions.

    If you or @partyboyiom would like to instead make a feature request, I'll gladly escalate it myself. In the future, I'd ask for you to be a little less hostile with your wording. We're here to help and criticism is just as effective without the abuse.
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    "Set Orientation" is an Android TV app that can fix the sideways-display issue. 

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