After macOS High Sierra update PIA is unusable

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PIA keeps disconnecting a couple of minutes after making the connection. Have tried a number of endpoints in various continents and disconnection behaviour is consistent sadly which makes the service totally unusable.

As suggested elsewhere, I uninstalled per PIA instructions for macOS and reinstalled latest. Connection to sites and via apps is ok in the really short periods (no more than 2 minutes) that PIA actually stays connected regardless of endpoint selected.

PIA is now unusable on macOS High Sierra.

Have tried both UDP and TCP and PIA suggested troubleshooting steps for connection dropouts to no avail. Not impressed. Will follow posts for a while to see if PIA fixes this issue or someone finds a workaround - if not it will be time to find another VPN provider.


  • After the latest High Sierra update from Apple, PIA v72 STILL does not work.
  • Same issue after v73 update. Wondering if PIA actually wants clients who use Mac.
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    No need to assume they are negligent about only we Mac users. PIA are an equal opportunity business. They've had at least as many issues with their Windows app for at least as long. The solution for them is the same as it is for us: junk the PIA app and install an OpenVPN app.
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  • Hello p0099894 I am sorry that you are having issues with our application and your Mac High Sierra. I understand that you have changed ports and and have updated to v73. 

    What I would like for you to do is add these exceptions to any antivirus or security software  you maybe running:

    I would also like to let you know that we have just released a new updated version v74 which has addressed several issues that other users were experiencing. 
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    Hi PIAKaneesha - I had already installed v74 and it did not help. I am not running any AV software on my Mac so not sure the link will be any assistance but I will take a look anyway. Please hurry up and get PIA working again on Mac so users can actually use the service they are paying for.

    Updated my reply after checking the AV related post that you referenced. Since I am not running any AV software there is nothing to whitelist and no option to do so.
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  • @p0099894, I'm really sorry you're having continuing issues with the app on High Sierra. We haven't seen any widespread issues with the new version on MacOS, so I suspect that your issue is related to settings on your machine or network.

    Is there any chance you could send us a support request and let me know what your ticket number is? I'll be happy to help you troubleshoot in a little more depth.
  • Hi PIAColleen. I have managed to get what seems to be a stable connection by reverting to v71, setting my connection to TCP port 443 and configuring a port forward arrangement in my Nighthawk 8000 router when I connect to one of PIA's port forward endpoints. I had tried a similar arrangement with v72, v73 and v74 and they kept disconnecting. The suggestion to revert to v71 was from a user in another forum. I am surprised that PIA is not seeing many other users with the same issue as I found a reasonable number of references to others having the problem in a number of forums. If the problem continues I will log a support request, and thank you for your open response.

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