After macOS High Sierra update PIA is unusable

Posting a new discussed as other related discussion flagged as Solved but did not work for me.

PIA keeps disconnecting a couple of minutes after making the connection. Have tried a number of endpoints in various continents and disconnection behaviour is consistent sadly which makes the service totally unusable.

As suggested elsewhere, I uninstalled per PIA instructions for macOS and reinstalled latest. Connection to sites and via apps is ok in the really short periods (no more than 2 minutes) that PIA actually stays connected regardless of endpoint selected.

PIA is now unusable on macOS High Sierra.

Have tried both UDP and TCP and PIA suggested troubleshooting steps for connection dropouts to no avail. Not impressed. Will follow posts for a while to see if PIA fixes this issue or someone finds a workaround - if not it will be time to find another VPN provider.


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    After the latest High Sierra update from Apple, PIA v72 STILL does not work.
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